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Otology is the study of the medical care of the ear, hearing, and balance. Diseases and disorders of the ear, hearing and balance can be very complex and deserve a complete evaluation by our physician specialists. Hearing loss can be due to wax buildup, fluid behind the ear drum, infection, autoimmune disorders, genetic disorders, trauma, tumors and other causes. Some causes of hearing loss are correctible with medication or surgery.


Our office is equipped with the latest microscopes and testing equipment to assist us in providing you with the most appropriate care and improve your quality of life. Examples of conditions we treat are otitis externa (swimmers ear), otitis media, otosclerosis, sudden sensorineural hearing loss, vertigo (a form of dizziness) and imbalance. 


Ear Surgery
Tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA), stapedectomy, removal foreign body from ears, otoplasty, cerumen removal, ear tubes.


Hearing and Hearing Aids

Get more information on hearing and hearing aids.



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